Vote ‘no’ on Issue One

To the Editor:

You are probably aware there is a special election in Ohio on Aug 8. After deciding in 2022 that special elections were expensive, had a lower voter turn-out and were not necessary, Republicans decided to have a special election anyway. This is their only way to get this Issue One through to the voters of Ohio. This is a disguise, a ruse, to change the way amendments are made to the Ohio Constitution.

Although for 111 years our constitution has worked to protect us from outside sources. Issue One is about many things, but the most serious for the women of Ohio is to really discourage a ballot amendment in November to address our right to healthcare.

Republicans state they want to elevate the standards to amend a Constitutional Amendment. Did they elevate any kind of standard when outside sources were able to put the legalization of medical marijuana or sports betting on the ballot? How are the Ohio Republican legislators able to elevate standards to amendment changes in the constitution when they have just survived the biggest statehouse corruption in Ohio history?

Vote “no” on Issue One, for the ability of Ohio women to make their own healthcare choices.

Auxiliary of Shelby County Democratic Women

Kathi Klauss