Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 1 on Aug. 8


To the Editor:

I believe that most conservative voters in Shelby County are aware that there is a special election on Aug. 8 but there seems to be confusion about the subject of the proposed constitutional amendment.

Generally, the most significant part of the proposal will increase the margin required to amend the state constitution from a simple majority to 60%. It will also require that signatures be gathered in every county in Ohio to take a constitutional issue to the ballot.

Frankly, this change is long overdue. Over the years our state constitution has been weighted down with many policy issues that just do not belong in a state’s constitution. What has been happening is that, failing to elect representatives that will implement their “Progressive” ideology, wealthy activists (very often from outside Ohio) try to use the constitutional amendment process to bypass the legislative system which the founders envisioned would produce appropriate policies over time.

It is no coincidence that our elected representatives chose this time to finally bring this proposal to the ballot. Conservative voters must be aware that wealthy “Progressives” from all over the country have prepared a constitutional amendment for the November ballot that will enshrine extreme abortion policies in Ohio forever. The measure also attacks parents’ rights to have a say in what is going on with their minor children in this regard.

It is not an exaggeration to say that, if the November proposal passes, conditions in Ohio will be much worse than they were when Roe vs. Wade was the law of the land.

It is imperative that every conservative elector cast a “yes” vote in August to decrease the likelihood that the travesty facing us in November will succeed. We need an unprecedented turnout in rural, conservative counties such as ours to overwhelm the votes coming in from the liberal cities across the state.

If there is any chance that you may not be able to make it to the polls on Aug. 8, be absolutely sure to obtain an absentee ballot or go to the Board of Elections to vote in person in advance.

Keep in mind, tens of thousands of beautiful, innocent babies are depending on you to protect them!

Denny York


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