125 Years

March 1, 1899

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “Enquirer” of Monday contains a picture and article about Milton E. Ailes, of this city, private secretary to Lyman J. Gage, secretary of the United States Treasury.


The Lima School Board has passed a resolution prohibiting teachers in the schools from attending dances.

100 Years

March 1, 1924

The trustees of the Ohio Presbyterian Homes at their session yesterday morning received bids for the construction of the Dorothy Love Home. All bids were rejected.


The new bridge on the Dixie Highway near the Finkenbine School north of Sidney, has been completed.

75 Years

March 1, 1949

Schools located in Jackson Center and Botkins were named among a number that a 51-year-old Zanesville man admitted entering over the past four years. The man boasted to police that he entered 38 Ohio and Indiana High School safes during that period.


An appreciation luncheon was held in the canal room of the Hotel Wagner today by the U.S. Army recruiting service with Sidney residents who had aided recruiting activity during the year as guests.

50 Years

March 1, 1974

A log house which served as home to generations of people since the 1800’s is being torn down and bit of history in Franklin Township is going with it. Located about 500 feet from the road, the house was constructed at the corner of Scott Road and Ft. Loramie-Swanders Road. William Harshbarger owns the farm on which the house is located and plans to rebuild on the site. Harshbarger said deeds to the homestead date to 1840. A person named P.F. Speidel lived on the farm in 1865 and he and his family occupied the log residence until a Dr. Zissler and his family moved in.


Shelby County Commissioners will appoint an enforcement officer and five-member board of appeals to enforce county subdivision regulations adopted by Shelby County Regional Planning Commission February 19.


The U.S. Postal Service will increase its rates for letters, publications and parcels as of midnight tonight. Most common usages will be raised as follows: first class, 10 cents from eight cents; postcards, eight cents from six and airmail, 13 cents from 11.


The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency sponsored a public hearing in the Municipal Building yesterday morning to determine if Wagner Division, General Housewares Corp., should be granted a delay in its compliance schedule to meet state air pollution standards.

25 Years

March 1, 1999

Dr. Douglas Van Fossen had many years of experience dealing with patients in pain from surgery and chronic illnesses. However, he was always frustrated by the inability of medicine to effectively help those with chronic pain. After pondering the problem for months, he decided to do something about it. Van Fossen enrolled in and has now completed a one year program in pain management conducted by the University of Michigan Multidisciplinary Pain Center. He will begin practicing that discipline shortly.


It started like most other games for the Botkins Lady Trojans basketball team this year- with Botkins racing to a large lead over Jackson Center. However, the Tigers charged back and pulled off the biggest upset of the season by beating Botkins in the Division VI Sectional tournament, coached the winner60-52. Botkins had been ranked the no. 9 team in the state. Gregg Gooding coached the winner. He heaped praise on seniors Dawn Burch and Amanda Fark.

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