John Adams has Harter’s support

To the Editor:

As an independent voter it is sometimes hard for me to find a candidate that matches my values as a leader and as person but when I found out John Adams was running for county commissioner I was thrilled. I have known John for years now and is someone that I have grown to respect and whos input I value immensely. Being a Marine veteran, I feel like serving my nation and my community didn’t stop when I let active duty. John himself being a veteran of the SEAL teams, understands what I mean by that as we have discussed it at length. He has spent years of his life serving and giving back as a Navy SEAL and as a member of the state house. He leads by example and does what is right, not what is popular and just as importantly, he treats people with sincerity and respect, both of which are increasingly rare in today’s world. He’s a family man and a servant of his community and I’d encourage anyone reading this to vote for him for county commissioner.

Jim Harter