Lori Knupp asks for support for Mack Knupp

To the Editor:

I would encourage you, your staff and the citizens of Shelby County to vote for Mack A. Knupp as your next Shelby County Commissioner.

Mack is a hard working young man whom has a servants heart. From a very young age he was following his grandfather around the family farm soaking in all the knowledge and wisdom he could. He attended the Wilma Valentine Daycare where he spent his days with kids like himself as well as those with disabilities. I believe this helped him develop his compassionate heart and gain a willingness to help others. During his school years he was always drawn to the farm, learning how to repair, operate, and drive anything that had two or more wheels. His wheels were always turning, learning all he could by being employed by Dell Delight Farms helping milk cattle, working at the Monsanto Research Farm, and helping other farmers that needed a hand. He most recently worked for the County Highway Department while operating our family farm. He is Green Townships fiscal officer, and is on the volunteer fire department in Fletcher. He also is following in his grandfather’s footsteps by being elected to the Soil and Water Conservation District. With that being said he has knowledge and hands on experience on our county roads, bridges, culverts, waterways, budgeting, all while willing to lend a helping hand.

He will have the energy to serve as your next county commissioner as this is not something to do as a retirement job but a way he feels he can help build on the good things already happening in Shelby County and help improve things for the next generations. He has really tried to get out and meet as many of you as possible but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give him a call at 937-726-8247.

Please join me in supporting Mack A. Knupp on March 19.

Lori Knupp