Teachers announce retirement plans

By Melanie Speicher - [email protected]

SIDNEY — Eight Sidney City Schools teachers have announced their plans to retire in 2024.

The board of education accepted the retirement requests of Kathleen DeVelvis, Lori Hedberg, S. Kathleen Keith, C. Annette Johnson, Cheryl Clark, Francine Dembski, Ann Huffman and Amy Gleason effective June 1, 2024.

According to Mike Watkins, treasurer, the new three-year contract with the Sidney Education Association included an option for teachers to announce their retirements three years in advance. If they do so, they receive a one-time 6% salary increase, which in turn will allow them to see an increase in their retirement benefits from STRS (State Teachers Retirement System).

Watkins said the early retirement announcements will give the district more control over long-term planning in knowing which teacher vacancies will be occurring.

The board also accepted the resignation of Mary Theis, van driver.

In other personnel issues, the board:

• Hired Emilie Dotson as a certified substitute teacher on an as needed contract at $105 per day.

• Hired Emme Farley and Jennifer Bumgarner as Latchkey aides at $11 per hour and Holly Davidson as assistant cook at $11.80 per hour. They are classified employees and were given one-year contracts.

• Hired Marci Vordemark, bus driver, $12.33 per hour; Michael Gossard, bus driver, $17.95 per hour; Michael Gossard, van driver, $13.07 per hour; and Rita Gibson, Karen Utley, Jerrod Watson and Lynda Higgins, all custodians at $14.79 per hour. They were given classified substitute one-year limited contracts.

• Amended classified employee contracts for Joan Holiday and Victoria Smedley, both Latchkey aides, $11.50 per hour.

• Gave a one-year supplemental athletic coach contract to Benjamin Phelps, Sidney Middle School football coach.

• Awarded one-year supplemental academic coach contracts to Sherry Guinther, substitute teacher clerk, $3,000; Lola Fair, substitute classified clerk, $1,000; Brett Bickel, Academia adviser; Cody Carr, Academia assistant; Tammi Johnson, Annual staff adviser; Chris Adams, band director; Todd Bridges, band director assistant; John Young, choir director; Joe Spangler, senior class adviser; Annette Lochard, senior class adviser; Mandy Gutman, junior class adviser; Alaina Sayre, junior class adviser; Sam Slover, junior class adviser; Kim Voisard, sophomore class adviser; Stacey Goffena, freshman class adviser; Sara Olding, freshman class adviser; Mike Kriser, Foreign Language Club; Dexter Tobie, Foreign Language Club; Sara Olding, Key Club adviser; John Young, musical director; Laney Shaw, assistant musical director; Brett Bickel, National Honor Society adviser; Michelle Fox, orchestra director; Alaina Sayre, prom adviser; Sam Slover, prom adviser; Laney Shaw, Sidney High School school play; Christian Taylor, Sidney High School Spirit coordinator; Alison Hermiller, student government; Ben Gates, student government; and Missy Schneider, Sidney Middle School student council.

• Approved Josh Elmore as game help to the athletic event staff.

• Awarded stipends to Mandy Gutman, special education lead, $600, and Cody Myers, T-School, $1,000, for additional duties above job descriptions.

• Approved Bridget Steed as SCOLA/JAVA tutor at $28.39 per hour.

• Awarded a JAVA supplemental contract to Tom Clark, Plato management, $2,000.

By Melanie Speicher

[email protected]

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.