In Friday’s edition of the Sidney Daily News’ City record, it was reported a person was reported to have a gun at the Senior Center of Sidney Shelby County on South West Avenue on Thursday, March 17, at 4:47 p.m. A person was reported to have had a BB gun outside of the Senior Center.

According to Sidney Police, Jerilyn Irene Adams, 47, of Sidney, was served a summons to appear in court on disorderly conduct_fighting or threatening charges after police responded to the area of South and West Avenues Thursday. A female had reportedly shown a handgun to a group of juveniles. They told the responding officer she may have tossed it in the alley and pointed to the area of the Senior Center. Police did find a black BB gun, resembling a semi automatic handgun, under a bush in a flower bed behind the Senior Center, off an alley. The BB gun, the police report said, did not have any bright colors or special markings showing any different from a semi automatic handgun. Police placed it into evidence at the police department.