Auglaize County celebrates 175 years

ST. MARYS — The Auglaize County 175th Anniversary Committee has introduced the logo designed for the 2023 celebration.

Created by New Bremen-based designer Brandon Ort, the logo depicts many aspects of the county’s development, from waterways to roadways and agriculture to industry. Ort has designed the logo in several complementary color schemes, for a variety of uses and formats.

“Our group was enthusiastic about the way the logo design captured so much of the county’s character and is so appealing. We look forward to using the design over the next 18 months+ as we share the unique and wonderful story of Auglaize County,” Auglaize County Historica Society Administrator Rachel Barber said. Barber is also a member of the anniversary committee.

The Auglaize County Commissioners established the 175th anniversary committee in mid-2021, appointing representatives from local historical societies and communities to plan a multi-month commemoration of the milestone. The committee has met monthly since July 2021. Auglaize County was established as Ohio’s 84th county by the State Legislature on Feb. 14, 1848.

Some of the committee’s plans include a commemorative postmark, concerts, lectures, a traveling exhibit, special additions to the Auglaize County Fair — including an industrial showcase-recognition of family farms — and special events at the courthouse.

Members of the committee include Barber, Lori Bellman, Genevieve Conradi, Dennis Dicke, Luann Everett, Dennis Gaertner, Don Harrod, Jim Lee, Esther Leffel, Edee Marshall, Mary Mathews, Sharon, Schnell, Jeanne Shaw, Marilyn Shaw, Lisa Watercutter, and Charisse Zuppardo.

For more information about Auglaize County’s 175th anniversary, contact Barber, [email protected] or call 419-738-9328.