Local officials react SEMCORP announcement

New manufacturing facility to build in Sidney

By Sheryl Roadcap - [email protected]

SIDNEY — Local officials have positive reactions to Thursday’s announcement SEMCORP Advanced Materials Group is officially coming to Sidney. Although residents who reside near the site where the new manufacturing plant will be built expressed opposition to the Sidney City Council to the business making Sidney its home, city and county officials are excited about the opportunities SEMCORP will provide for Shelby County.

“The city couldn’t be more excited about this exciting opportunity,” Sidney City Manager Andrew Bowsher said. “The jobs, and economic growth are unprecedented in our region, and the fact that this is the single largest international investment in the state of Ohio, certainly induces a swell of pride, for our community. I truly feel this announcement will continue to pay dividends long into the future. I’m humbled by our community and all the staff and volunteers who made this development possible. It’s truly a big win and will lead to so many other ancillary wins along the way.

“Every city faces strains, hurdles, and volatility, but I feel we are in a great position to create new synergy, and this new wave will lift all boats!” he concluded.

The Sidney manufacturing facility will create close to 1,200 jobs, with $73 million in annual payroll and $916 million in capital investment. The plant will make separator film, a key component in batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). SEMCORP’s products will be used by leading EV battery makers across North America. No batteries will be made by SEMCORP, and there is no lithium used in the manufacturing process for separator film. There will be no lithium mining at the site as there are no lithium deposits in or near Ohio.

Sidney Mayor Mardie Milligan said, “I am extremely pleased for our city and our region with SEMCORP’s decision to locate its North American facility in Sidney. It is a testament to the work ethic of our citizens and the progressiveness of our community.”

Council member Mike Barhorst, who was mayor of Sidney at the time negotiations with SEMCORP began, said, “Council was first made aware of the opportunity Ohio had to attempt to attract SEMCORP to the Buckeye State some months ago. We were also aware that the Cole Property and by extension, the City of Sidney was a potential site.

“We also knew that the company was looking at one or more sites in Pennsylvania and Texas,” Barhorst continued. “Of course, at that time, we did not know the name of the company, but only that the potential employer was looking for a site that included specific utility needs (water, electric, natural gas, and wastewater). Because the site was ‘shovel ready,’ it increased Sidney’s chances dramatically. We did not learn the name of the company until recently. Through history, Sidney’s leaders have understood the importance of attracting new commerce and industry to our community. More than a century ago, community leaders pooled their resources to help companies located in other communities to move to Sidney. Because of their efforts, Sidney has long been a manufacturing center.”

“SEMCORP plans to make Sidney their North American headquarters. Certainly I join in welcoming them, and thank Governor DeWine, JobsOhio CIO J.P. Nauseef and their teams for their hard work in bringing advanced manufacturing back to Ohio!” Barhorst concluded.

Jeff Raible, president of the Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Sidney Visitors Bureau, said, “Just as the arrival of Honda’s automotive engine plant in Anna proved to be transformative for our community, we believe the presence of SEMCORP will be equally impactful in a very positive way. As the single largest capital investment in the Dayton region and the largest ever initial foreign investment in Ohio, this project is monumental.

“Shelby County has a legacy of manufacturing innovation and greatness,” he continued. “I have no doubt that the magnitude of this week’s announcement will impact our area for generations. We thank SEMCORP for their decision to locate here and enthusiastically welcome this best-in-class manufacturer to the Sidney-Shelby County business community where we look forward to a long and prosperous future together.”

The Sidney City Council and Shelby County commissioners both approved legislation approving enterprise zone agreement that will grant SEMCORP Manufacturing USA LLC a tax exemption of 75% for 15 years. City Council also OK’d two resolutions on school tax sharing agreements to enter into a income tax sharing agreements with the Sidney City Schools and Upper Valley Career Center Boards of Education.

The agreement was also approved by Sidney City Schools, Upper Valley Career Center and the Sidney City Council. The estimated tax abatement for the company over 15 years is $31,633,875.

City Council also granted SEMCORP a job creation nonrefundable annual tax credit for a 10-year-term.

“I’m pleased the Sidney site was selected for SEMPCORP’s expansion into the United States market. This is a huge win for our businesses in the United States that will utilize SEMPCORP’s product and develop the supply chain for EV batteries and vehicles,” Shelby County Commissioner Julie Ehemann said. “This decision ensures Shelby County will continue to be known as a manufacturing hub, and ensures our residents have access to well-paying jobs.”

Commissioner Tony Bornhorst said he is happy for the county, city of Sidney and its residents about the move. He admitted SEMCORP coming to Shelby County is a “work in progress,“ but feels it’s a great opportunity for the county.

“Manufacturing has always and will continue to be a strong focus of Shelby County,” he said. “Shelby County has the largest manufacturing jobs per capita in the state of Ohio. Shelby County’s location, by rail and highway, is part of the equation, our dedicated workers and work ethic another part, and now Workforce Partnership develops the next generation of employees for the manufacturing community. Those three, plus our tremendous entrepreneurship of manufacturing entities within Shelby County will continue the tradition of Shelby County being a leader within the state of Ohio.”

SEMCORP hopes for construction to begin in early 2023, SEMCORP Vice President James Shih said during an April 25 Sidney City Council meeting.

New manufacturing facility to build in Sidney

By Sheryl Roadcap

[email protected]