Barhorst official winner of 85th House race

By Amantha Garpiel - [email protected]

SIDNEY — Earlier this week, Shelby, Champaign and Logan Counties certified their election results from the Aug. 2 special elections for State Central Committee members of the 12th District and the State Representative for the 85th district.

With the certification of Champaign and Logan Counties’ primary election results, Tim Barhorst will take the seat of Nino Vitale as the representative for the 85th District of Ohio, provided no non-partisan candidates register for the November general election.

Barhorst ran against Rochiel Foulk and Lilli Johnson Vitale in the Republican primary. In Champaign County, Barhorst received 1,035 votes, Foulk had 460 and Vitale had 901. In Logan County, Barhorst had 1,001 votes, Foulk had 130 and Vitale had 654. In Shelby County, Barhorst had 2,554, Foulk received 141 and Vitale had 1,276.

The certifications of the primary election results also determined the Republican and Democratic members of the State Central Committee for the 12th District. The State Central Committee consist of one man and one woman from both the Republican and Democrat parties.

Richard C. Kerns ran unopposed for the male democrat seat on the State Central committee and received 351 votes in Champaign County, 249 in Logan County and 467 in Shelby County. He received more than 3,750 votes districtwide

Tannar Rutschilling and Karen F. Ward both ran for the seat on the State Central Committee as Democrats. Ward won the election with 314 votes in Champaign County, 198 in Logan County and 363 votes in Shelby County. Rutschilling received 65 votes in Champaign County, 54 votes in Logan County and 131 in Shelby County. Throughout District 12, Ward received more than 2,790 votes, while Rutschilling received more than 1,140 votes.

The new male Republican State Central Committee member will be Keith Cheney with 1,387 votes in Champaign County, 969 votes in Logan County and 1,740 in Shelby County. Cheney received more than 18,000 votes from 12th District voters.

Cheney ran against Republicans Jake Eilerman and George Andy Roberts. Eilerman had 501 votes in Champaign County, 519 in Logan County and 1,975 votes in Shelby County. Roberts received 264 votes in Champaign County, 191 in Logan County and 132 in Shelby County.

The Republican women who ran for the 12th District State Central Committee were Katie DeLand and Stephanie Kremer. In Champaign County, DeLand had 1,135 votes and Kremer received 990. In Logan County, DeLand had 910 votes and Kremer had 752. In Shelby County, DeLand had 1,813 votes and Kremer received 2,007 votes. Kremer won the Republican woman’s seat for the 12th District on the State Central Committee with more nearly 16,000 votes. DeLand received more than 13,000 votes.

By Amantha Garpiel

[email protected]