Out of the past

125 Years

October 6, 1897

At a meeting in the assembly room of the court house last evening, a football team was formed with Frank Conklin, Port Jefferson, president; A. Kauer, secretary; Frank Hussey, treasurer; John Munford, captain and William O’Leary, manager. Nineteen players indicated an interest in forming a team.


L.R. Norton, Lewis Parker and Frank Grant, of Westfield, Mass., a committee from the board of directors of the United States Whip Company, arrived here yesterday afternoon. They are here to confer with the city council relative to securing a deed for the Underwood Whip plant.


A new choir has been organized to furnish music for services in the M.E. Church. It is composed of Mrs. Charles Benjamin, Mrs. Forest Christian, A.M. King and Fred Forsyth. D.R. Orbinson is the new organist.


Harry Oldham, of this city, has entered the Cincinnati Law school.

100 Years

October 6, 1922

The Xenia Board of Health, which is being organized, has contacted the local board for a date on which they could come to Sidney to get facts as to the mode of operating here. They stated that the Sidney board plan has been suggested to them by the State Board as one worthy of adoption. It is expected they will come to Sidney in the next few weeks.


The American Legion Football team is rapidly rounding into shape and will be ready to show the fans of Sidney some high-class football when they take the field for the opening contest on October 15. The St. Marys American Legion team has been booked for the opening game.


About 30 members of the Women’s Gym class hiked in gym attire to the McCloskey school house last evening. There they built a huge bonfire and armed with roasting sticks and plenty of wieners, bacon and apples make quick work of the light refreshments.

75 Years

October 6, 1947

Lightening during the severe thunderstorm yesterday afternoon was blamed for the blaze that destroyed a large barn and most of its contents on the Ray Fishbaugh farm, five miles south of Sidney on the Dixie highway. Aided by volunteers, the family was able to remove some farm implements from the burning structure. Sidney firemen responded to the call and prevented the flames from spreading to other nearby buildings.


Shelby county’s grange quartet, of Marvin Apple, James Chrisman, Roger Watkins, and Hugh Worthington, will compete in the district grange quartet contest tomorrow evening at Spencerville. The group has gained recognition for its performance at the state fair, local county fairs and grange meetings.


Barbara Becker, R.R. 1, Botkins, has been selected as the Shelby County winner in the Ohio History contest, sponsored by Ohio University among high school students in the state. She will compete with other county winners at Athens next week.

50 Years

October 6, 1972

FORT LORMAIE – The Fort Loramie Kiwanis Club held its annual installation of officers Tuesday.

Lester J. Barlage was officially installed as the club’s president and Paul F. Ahlers as its secretary-treasurer. Other officers installed were; Melvin R. Puthoff, first vice president and Raymond A. Fiessinger, second vice president.


MINSTER – Dr. T.H. Will received a fellowship in the Academy of Family Physicians at the Convocation and Inaugural Ceremony held at Madison Square Gardens, New York City, September 26.


VERSAILLES – The McGreevy Brothers Lumber Co., established here as a partnership between John and Harry McGreevy in 1950, has been sold to the Versailles Builders Supply, inc.

Partners in the new firm are Bernard Bergman, formerly of the Yorkshire area and now of St. Henry and Lester Bernholt, a local builder.

25 Years

October 6, 1997

WOZONE, a new service designed to provide information about Shelby and Auglaize counties to computer users who like to surf the World Wide Web, made its debut today.

WOZONE is a product of the SDN Creative Communications Group which is responsible for publishing the Sidney Daily News and providing the SDN Info-Quick telephone information service.


The talented Lehman girls volleyball team celebrated the opening of its new gymnasium with a 15-5, 15-7 victory over Jackson Center in non-league action on Saturday night. It was Jackson’s second game of the day; the Lady Tigers having beaten Ben Logan in the morning.


There wasn’t much rain during September, with the total falling well below the 100-year average for Sidney.

There was only 1.19 inches of rain recorded during September at the Sidney Wastewater Treatment Plant. The average September rainfall is about three inches, according to the Miami Conservancy District.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org