Wearly joins Hall of Fame



SIDNEY — A Sidney resident has been elected into the Lincoln College of Technology Hall of Fame.

John Wearly, of Sidney, was honored during a ceremony held at the Indiana War Memorial Museum.

“I am so honored to be recognized in the Lincoln Technical College Hall of Fame. This was so unexpected, but very much appreciated. It has been a challenge keeping up with changing industry the last 40 plus years that I have worked at Kirk NationaLease. Becoming a diesel mechanic has been a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. As I continued to learn and experience the new technology, it has allowed me to grow as a technician and be promoted to various levels of management at Kirk,” said Wearly.

Wearly graduated from Lincoln Tech in 1976, he had gone through both the automotive and diesel courses, and was intending on a career as an automotive technician, however fate had other plans. Shortly after graduating from Lincoln tech he applied for a job in Sidney, Ohio, with Kirk Nationalease. After interviewing, probably much discussion and debate, the powers to be decided to take a chance on a young, fresh out of college, no experience mechanic wannabe.

“I am sure after a few months they were glad they did. 42 years later, look at all of his accomplishments,” said Randy Johnston, Kirk NationaLease director of operations.

Starting out on the floor as a mechanic, working up through the ranks, Wearly became shop manager in 1986 managing three shifts, and 12-15 technicians. Along the way, he became a certified ASE Heavy Duty Truck Master Technician and a Certified ASE Bus Technician. Later on in his career he joined the ASE National panel in writing test questions for the ASE Bus Certifications.

In 2008 Wearly was promoted to a Regional Manager role and has assisted many shop managers in becoming successful managers, and not only that, has also assisted many technicians along the way, helping them work on trucks and showing them the tricks of the trade.

Over the last 42 years Wearly has contributed in countless ways to the success of Kirk Nationalease, with his energy, determination, skills, work ethic and willingness to do whatever is necessary for success.

“Here at Kirk Nationalease, when we consider how we would like an employee to develop and achieve their goals, John Wearly would be the epitome of that employee,” said Johnston. “Not only with his success with Kirk Nationalease, but also with raising a close knit family, and now enjoying his children and grandchildren! Everyone, at Kirk NationaLease, is very proud and appreciative of what John has accomplished through the years and look forward to continuing working with him.”