Shelby, Auglaize among most insured

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Shelby and Auglaize counties were ranked in the top 10 places in Ohio where people carry the most insurance.

According to a the fourth edition of “Most Insured Places,” a study by SmartAsset, Shelby County is fifth and Auglaize county is third in Ohio. The study found that 87.89 percent of Shelby Countians have auto insurance coverage, 94.27 percent have health insurance coverage and 58.27 percent have life insurance coverage, for an overall coverage index of 81.65.

In Auglaize County, 88.77 percent of residents have auto insurance coverage; 94.57 percent have health insurance and 54.96 percent have life insurance for an overall coverage index of 83.76.

“Insurance is the ultimate form of forward thinking: small contributions now save a lot of trouble for you and your loved ones in the future,” said a SmartAsset representative.

SmartAsset looked at data on the three main types of personal insurance — auto, health and life — to find the most insured places in the U.S. It ranked each city and county in the study based on the population coverage rates across these three forms of insurance; areas with higher rates ranked higher. It then calculated an average ranking, giving equal weight to the three types of insurance.

Finally, it indexed the results to 100, with the most insured location in the country getting a 100.

Its sources were the U.S. Census Bureau 2016 American Community Survey, the Insurance Information Institute and the American Council of Life Insurers 2018 State Fact Sheets.

Putnam County was ranked first in Ohio with an overall coverage index of 88.51. There, 89.16 percent of residents have auto insurance coverage, 96.02 percent have health insurance and 59.65 percent have life insurance. Mercer County was second: 88.66 percent auto; 94.47 percent health; 58.61 percent life; overall index 84.81. Fulton County was fourth: 88.41 percent auto; 94.83 percent health; 54.48 percent life; overall index 82.78.

Rounding out the top 10 were Delaware County with an overall index of 81.2, Henry County with an index of 80.46, Warren County with an index of 79.54, Wyandot County with an index of 78.34 and Paulding County with an index of 78.17.

In all of Ohio, 87.6 percent of residents carry auto insurance; 91.17 percent carry health insurance; 51.54 percent carry life insurance.

Hamlin, South Dakota, was ranked No. 1 in the nation.

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