Midmark redesigns work stations

DAYTON — Midmark Corp., a leading medical solutions provider for ambulatory care, has announced new workstations to help facilitate a better work experience for caregivers.

Bending or stretching to reach supplies and equipment, craning the neck to read from a monitor or hunching over a computer dramatically impact caregiver well-being and the ability to provide great care. While these may seem like small actions without much influence, physicians are spending more and more time – about half of their time each day – on this type of deskwork and electronic health-records use. As a result, the most common areas of pain for caregivers are their backs, shoulders, necks and wrists.

“We worked with caregivers and health system staff across a variety of disciplines, including ergonomists, interior designers, architects and more, to design a workstation that can support the needs of users ranging from the 5-foot female to the 6-foot-4-inch male and everyone in between,” said Michael Couch, senior product manager, cabinetry, seating and workstation products, Midmark. “Understanding the physical toll on caregivers from their daily repetitive work is just one piece of the puzzle. In designing, we also took into consideration how patients need caregivers to interact with them while using this equipment, the technology needs of the exam room, the product aesthetics, ease of use and more. These new workstations help provide a better experience at the point of care.”

The new workstations offer:

• 26 inches of height adjustment to provide work surfaces for users of many heights ranging from the 5-foot female to the 6-foot-4 inch male.

• Intuitive guidance label and lever to allow for an easily adjustable workstation height with little force.

• Easy vertical adjustment to promote proper neck, shoulder, arm and wrist alignment and posture for caregivers.

• 180 degrees of left-to-right monitor rotation to promote content sharing and continuous eye contact for provider and patient.

• Configurations for PC, laptop or tablet applications as well as optional accessories for scanners, printers and other needs.