Chiropractor adds new program



SIDNEY — Those suffering from many forms of spinal pain continue their hope for a long-term answer.

A Sidney chiropractor is now incorporating patient care methods that are bringing more than a temporary respite from pain.

In 2003, Dr. Harold Schubert and his wife, Leone, Minnesota natives, established Sidney Chiropractic in Sidney.

Patients of Schubert are finding good results in a new program designed to be a non-surgical solution. Schubert and his trained staff guide patients through a revolutionary, seven-step, care plan called the Pneu-Back Program. The new program incorporates equipment from Pneumex of Sandpoint, Idaho.

One of the few area chiropractors to offer the program, Schubert said the Pneu-Back Program is designed to address back pain associated with sciatica, radiculopathy, herniated discs and other conditions of the back, neck and shoulder.

He explained the program is designed to help patients break the pain cycle, strengthen their backs and alleviate future pain through a combination of functional unweighting, vibration therapy and clinical strengthening.

Personal care plans are designed for each patient based on individual needs.

The Pneu-Back treatment plan includes an evaluation of a patient’s posture, movement, lateral curves and symmetry. A vibrating table is used to improve circulation and remove and reduce muscle spasms.

As patients continues to improve, they move on through the program. A treadmill treatment is implemented. Another step utilizes a harness to protect patients as trainers assist them to correct their gaits and to improve balance and circulation. A special back stretch chair improves one’s flexibility and range of motion. Another unique chair is used to unweight a person’s back, relax back muscles and activate core muscles.

An exercise device helps patients strengthen their cores and improve their balance. A special Pneu-Back chair is the final step to activate and strengthen the spine and improve posture.

Schubert said many patients want to know how the Pneu-Back treatment is different from others being touted.

“This program is designed with an emphasis on improving posture, flexibility, functional strength and lifetime skills, with the goal for the patient to live an active, healthy, long life. The Pneu-Back Program has also succeeded in cases of chronic issues where other therapies or treatments have failed,” Schubert said.

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