PUCO builds on 2017 successes in 2018

COLUMBUS — “What a brilliant year we have had here,” said Asim Z. Haque, chairman of the PUCO. “When I think about the volume and the importance of the case work that the PUCO has issued, the inspections that were made across the state, our ability to sustain our operations while we make business improvements at the agency, the consumer protection efforts and the leadership that we have shown both in the state and nationally with initiatives like our PowerForward endeavor, our community service activities.”

His report continues:

I can’t help but look back on this year and marvel. We built on a very successful 2017, to have an even more successful 2018. I could not be prouder.

2018 PUCO Accomplishments

• 15,000 motor carrier registrations

• 2,300 roadside inspections

• PUCO inspectors helped return 6,800 residents to heating service in Massachusetts.

• 60,000 Ohioans were assisted via the PUCO Call Center.

• 10,000 informal investigations and the advice given, saved consumers an estimated $860,000.

• Ohio Power Siting Board reviewed applications for projects totaling over some $1.3 billion in new generation and $300 million in transmission applications.

• Ohio Long Term Forecast Energy Requirements 2017-2036 issued.

• PUCO issued 598 entries, 361 findings and orders, 56 opinions and orders and 276 Commission entries.

• Held more than 200 consumer outreach events and 40 public hearings which attracted an estimated 20,000 Ohioans.

• Updated business processes, including introduction of the PUCO Community

In 2019, we will continue working to make a positive impact for Ohioans every day, and striving to achieve excellence in all that we do for consumers.