Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center adapts to meet patients’ needs

For the Sidney Daily News

JACKSON CENTER — The world around us is constantly changing. One area that appears to be changing rapidly is the world healthcare. As one of the community’s most trusted and accessible healthcare providers, your pharmacists at Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center are adapting to meet their patients’ needs in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Owner Alison Haas, PharmD, has submitted the following report:

One noticeable shift in healthcare is the delivery of medicine in the appointment-based model. Several significant studies have been conducted on this topic and the results clearly show that patients who are receiving care through an appointment-based model of medication delivery are more adherent to their medications and less likely to go to the hospital.

Healthcare providers see the benefit because it eliminates the strain on an already overburdened acute care (hospital) system. There are patient benefits, too! By setting an appointment with your pharmacist, you can pick up all of your medications on the same day each month and eliminate multiple trips to the pharmacy. Plus, you can guarantee the opportunity to talk to your pharmacist about your medications, necessary immunizations, or remedies for the side effects you might be experiencing.

Your community pharmacy, Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center, encourages its patients to consider this approach. It is a free service that they offer. They will even coordinate a medication pick-up day so that you can receive the medications for all of your family members.

Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center will celebrate its second anniversary in 2016. They serve patients in Jackson Center and the surrounding communities.

The support from the community has been wonderful. We have continued to grow and are excited to be able to give top-notch patient care to the people of Jackson Center and the surrounding areas.

The pharmacy offers traditional pharmacy services as well as wellness services. They offer a mix of over-the-counter products and a full range of adult immunizations (and certain children’s vaccines for children ages seven and older).

Your pharmacists at Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center will also package medications by day and time to make it easier for you or your loved one to take your medications. This packaging is a great service for caregivers taking care of a spouse or aging parent, or even for children who need to take medications multiple times each day.

The pharmacy has expanded its free home delivery service beyond Jackson Center to reach Botkins, Anna, Port Jefferson and DeGraff.

The staff at Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center is a key ingredient to their success over mail order pharmacies and “big box” retailers. Pharmacy owners, Alison and Brandon Haas (both have their Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Ohio Northern University) have been actively running the pharmacy since it opened in 2014. They are supported by Keyna Maynard and certified pharmacy technician, Jamie Seiber.

Make plans to visit Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center in 2016.

For the Sidney Daily News