Scam targets DP&L customers

DAYTON – Dayton Power & Light has received numerous customer reports about a payment scam in which customers reported they’ve been contacted by someone claiming to represent DP&L and indicating that their electric service would be disconnected if they did not immediately provide payment information.

Scammers use sophisticated tactics. Sometimes they make DP&L’s phone number appear on the called ID, even when the call does not come from DP&L.

DP&L reminded customers of its process for requesting and receiving customer information for billing purposes:

If DP&L does call a customer, a representative will have specific and accurate information related to the customer’s billing and account.

If DP&L employees or contractors visit a home or business, they will carry an DP&L identification badge.

DP&L does not require or strongly recommend a specific payment method or type. It offers a variety of payment options so customers can select the one that best suits them.

Be on alert especially if someone demands payment by pre-paid debit (often referred to as “Greendot”) or Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency.

DP&L also reminds customers not to provide personal information or comply with requests for payments unless they are confident with whom they are speaking to.

DP&L also warns customers to be aware of their personal safety and only make payments in person at an authorized pay agent.

Customers are asked to notify DP&L if they receive a call and are unsure that the caller is truly an DP&L employee. Individuals can call DP&L at 800-433-8500 for residential customers or 800-253-5801 if you’re a business customer to verify any questions they may have related to DP&L bill payment and collection.

Those who suspect they have been affected by a scam are asked to call their local police department’s non-emergency number immediately to report it.

DP&L said this is an industry-wide problem that has affected many utilities across the country. DP&L is working with authorities to stop this unauthorized activity.