Dickman Supply under new leadership



SIDNEY — Around this time last year, Dickman Supply had a change of ownership, transferring from Tim Geise, who had owned Dickman Supply for over 30 years, to his three sons Chris, Kevin and Jason.

“After seeing what we were able to do in our first year as the new owners, we’re very anxious to see what we can continue to do and the strides we will be able to make in the coming years.” said Jason Geise, President of Dickman Supply.

In a year’s time, the company has continued to be successful under this new leadership with sales increasing by double digits from the previous year and having a record year with both contractor and Industrial/OEM accounts.

Though Dickman Supply found plenty of success in 2019, it had plenty of challenges as well, the biggest being a new computer system that was installed in June. Although this new system has had a transition period that has had a few expected bumps in the road, it will continue to make the company more streamlined, efficient and able to better manage inventory. “There’s inevitably bugs to fix and a learning curve that goes along with these sorts of things but we’re really looking forward to when everything gets smoothed out and we can use it optimally.” said Brent Palser, vice president of sales.

Through the successes and challenges of 2019, Dickman Supply has not stayed content with their current offerings and services. While providing knowledgeable service on everyday electrical and industrial supplies is at the core of the business, they have always kept an eye on the future. Dating back to the early 2000’s, Dickman Supply was a pioneer in introducing LED lighting technology to the area, which has allowed them to become a DP&L Channel Partner Top Performer for 11 straight years. Now that LED technology has become the new norm, the company had to find new ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Along with energy efficiency measures (lighting, VFD’s) we now have added renewable products, i.e. solar. Chris Geise said, “It’s pretty exciting to get into something completely new and we’re very optimistic that renewable products could be big for us.”

These renewable products will be available to markets such as commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal, educational and residential.

The company is looking forward to all the new opportunities these changes will bring and continuing to have success under new leadership.