Dayton Region Manufacturing Workforce Partnership earns endorsement from the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association

DAYTON – The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association has endorsed the Dayton Region Manufacturing Workforce Partnership as a local industry sector partnership for its efforts to grow Ohio’s manufacturing talent.

DRMWP is led by the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association and supported by FASTLANE and the Dayton Development Coalition.

Because manufacturers continue to face a severe talent shortage, the OMA coordinates and supports the state’s network of industry-led, local sector partnerships. By fostering collaboration and resource-sharing among manufacturers, industry sector partnerships are reforming how Ohio attracts and develops manufacturing workers.

DRMWP is a coalition of education, business, social services and community leaders focused on aligning the learning system with the needs of the business community to support economic growth and a high quality of life in the 14-county Dayton region. The organization received the OMA endorsement following a review by the OMA’s Workforce Leadership Committee, which considered several endorsement criteria before voting on the applications of individual partnerships.

OMA President Eric Burkland praised the work of DRMWP for its efforts to address local workforce needs.

“Guided by local leaders, regional sector partnerships are critical to solving Ohio’s workforce challenge,” Burkland said. “We are especially proud to have DRMWP as a partner in making Ohio the nation’s leader in developing manufacturing talent.”

The OMA is working with DRMWP and other endorsed partnerships on strategies such as:

• Ensuring career readiness by connecting training to specific industry-recognized credentials.

• Engaging under-represented populations in manufacturing.

• Developing flexible, innovative work-and-learn programs that provide on-the-job training and mentorship.