Airstream launches Five Rivet Supplier evaluation system

JACKSON CENTER – Airstream, manufacturer of the iconic travel trailer, announced the launch of a new Five Rivet Supplier program aimed at strengthening supplier partnerships.

Similar to Airstream’s Five Rivet Dealer program (in which customers provide feedback about their dealer experience and dealers are recognized for their commitment to quality), the new supplier program will focus on five criteria that, together, display a comprehensive picture of overall performance. For each target a supplier meets or exceeds, a new rivet will be awarded:

• Quality: Airstream expects its suppliers to deliver defect free products as well as minimize warranty impacts to its customer base. Aligning its quality expectations to its supplier’s quality performance is critical to the great experiences Airstream strives to provide all customers.

• Delivery: Airstream asks suppliers to deliver products according to purchase order dates and within quoted lead time. On-time delivery allows Airstream to achieve its delivery commitments to its dealer base and customers.

• Cost: Airstream looks to its suppliers to deliver quality parts on time while at a competitive price. This rivet recognizes suppliers who are continuously looking for cost improvements while maintaining excellent quality products.

• Service: Just as Airstream is committed to the best customer experience in the recreational vehicle industry, a great customer service experience with its suppliers is essential. Identifying and solving issues quickly and efficiently keeps supply lines moving.

• Innovation: For nearly 90 years, Airstream has led the industry in pushing the camping experience to new frontiers. From product development to engineering and design, Airstream is a leader in travel innovation. The Fifth Rivet recognizes Airstream suppliers for flexibility, adaptability and continually improving its innovation to match the needs of today and tomorrow.

Airstream’s new Five Rivet Supplier program will not only serve to recognize excellence in the supply chain, but it also will function as a vehicle for providing feedback to developing suppliers. It encourages high performance, which in turn creates opportunities for more business.

“Airstream strives to provide great experiences for its customers, and that begins with strong supplier partnerships,” said Chris Rahrig, Airstream vice president of supply chain. “ Airstream makes sourcing decisions based upon total cost, it only makes sense to evaluate those same attributes as part of our new five rivet program. We believe this evaluation process will measure the performance of our suppliers with the needs of our customers.”

Airstream’s Five Rivet Supplier program went into effect on Aug. 1. Suppliers that achieve three or more rivets will be recognized by the company in future releases.