DRMA releases its 2021 manufacturing top issues list

DAYTON – The Dayton Region Manufacturers Association has released its 2021 top issues list.

DRMA’s Government Relations Committee conducts an annual survey to better understand issues that are important to its manufacturer company members in the Dayton region.

As has been the case in the last eight annual surveys, the shortage of skilled workers is the top issue, with 66 percent of responders listing it as a concern. Finding technically skilled and productive workers can be a challenge for manufacturers in the Dayton region.

It is essential that a highly trained and skilled workforce is available for these companies to be able to meet the demand for goods and services and to be able to offer high quality, high paying jobs that will assure a prosperous economy. DRMA members support initiatives that attract, retain, develop and train the workforce.

A new issue for this year is business continuity and recovery in the wake of COVID-19. DRMA members are focused on getting back to business levels they experienced before the pandemic.

Eighty-two manufacturing companies throughout the region responded to the survey. These responders answered questions ranging from governmental issues that will affect their business to problems that they predict will affect their business in the coming year.

The top issues list is used to determine areas of focus and programs and services that DRMA can offer to help resolve these concerns. It is a part of DRMA’s promise to advocate and advance the interests of its members and the manufacturing industry as a whole.

“DRMA cannot operate efficiently without knowing what issues are keeping our members up at night,” Chuck Dryer, territory manager at Industrial Tube & Steel and Chair of DRMA’s Government Relations Committee, said. “Our yearly top issues survey is our tool used to effectively discover those issues that are of the most importance and bring about programming that is focused on addressing these concerns.”

To view the full list, visit https://bit.ly/38qSPvp. For more information, visit the DRMA website at www.DaytonRMA.org.