Main Street bank approach important for PNC



SIDNEY — The unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic made for an interesting 2020, but they also helped PNC realize that its Main Street bank approach to local service has never been more important. That approach will be key to the bank’s success in 2021.

“As the bank responded to a rapidly changing environment, our employees never skipped a beat in helping our customers and our communities – who are also our friends and neighbors – overcome their own challenges,” said By David Melin. PNC regional president for Dayton.

His report continues:

As we quickly assessed the impact of the pandemic on our region, we determined that the community at large needed assistance with basic needs in critical areas, including education and access to food. Schools needed the proper tools for virtual learning, food pantries saw increased need, and our local healthcare systems became overwhelmed.

PNC worked with our partners in these areas to determine how we could assist quickly and have the greatest impact. We did so on a personal level by working directly with individuals and organizations who operate right here in Sidney and across the region. The way PNC and our employees responded during the pandemic is among my greatest sources of pride.

Our dedication won’t slow down in 2021. PNC looks forward to working closely with others to determine how best to serve Sidney and the Greater Dayton region.

We realize that the events of 2020 have and will continue to change the way we live, work, do business and interact with one another. We will continue to be there for our customers and our community as a whole.