Dickman Supply keeps an eye to the future

SIDNEY — Around this time last year, Dickman Supply was gearing up for another successful year. Like many companies, they faced many challenges and obstacles in 2021.

Dickman Supply’s President Jason Geise said, “We learned a lot this year as a company and we came out of the other side of things stronger.”

Though 2021 provided plenty of challenges, Dickman persevered and held strong with keeping an eye to the future. The new warehouse expansion has helped to make Dickman better able to service their customers and continue to be one of West Central Ohio’s leading electrical and industrial suppliers.

“There’s inevitably going to be some bumps along the way in regard to the pandemic, but we’re really looking forward to when everything gets smoothed out and we can continue to work optimally.” said Brent Palser, vice president of sales.

On the marketing end of things, Dickman was able to put on their annual company and customer events like our customer appreciation cookout, an employee chili cookoff, and many more promotions throughout the year.

The company and their employees are in good health and hope to continue to set the bar high for product and service offerings through 2022. They are looking forward to all the new opportunities the year brings and will continue to have success through even the biggest challenges.