Shelby County economy holding steady

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SIDNEY — The economy seems to be holding steady in Shelby County. Budgets are still tight.

“Shelby County and the City of Sidney have received a sizeable incentive by partnering for PY-15 CHIP funding,” said Dianna Reisinger, Shelby County Regional Planning Commission executive director. “This grant helps to improve the housing stock in Sidney and Shelby County for low- to moderate- income households.”

Her report continues:

Applications for home repair assistance are still being accepted in our office at 129 E. Court St. on the second floor of the Annex Monday through Thursdays between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30 and on Fridays from 8:30 until noon. For questions, call 937-498-7273.

Current income limits for qualification in Shelby County are as follows:

1 person: $35,000

2 people: $40,000

3 people: $45,000

4 people: $50,000

5 people: $54,000

6 people: $58,000

7 people: $62,000

8 people: $86,000

More improvements will begin this year to water lines in Jackson Center with funds from the CDBG-16 Allocation grant. There will also be improvements to flood & drainage facilities, parking facilities, parks and recreational facilities, public utilities, sidewalks, streets, and water facility improvements with funds from the CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization grant, as well as other sources. $575,000 in grant funds was committed to this project by meeting the national objective of benefitting low to moderate income households.

Affirmatively furthering fair housing rights in Shelby County is an important component of receiving this grant funding. Anyone who feels that they have a fair housing complaint should call me at the number listed above.

The year 2017 will undoubtedly see some significant changes with the political administrative changes affecting our nation. If we can unite and work together, we can make a positive impact and to that end, I commit my service.


For the Sidney Daily News