Lima firm accepts Bitcoin

Staff report

LIMA — The BrickKicker Inspection Services of West Central Ohio is now offering its customers the option and convenience of paying with Bitcoin.

“We believe we are one of the first businesses in the West Central Ohio region to adopt and promote Bitcoin as an alternative form of payment for our professional inspection service,” said Scott Campbell, owner and operator of the local The BrickKicker franchise.

The BrickKicker Inspection Services has a long history as a nationwide leader in delivering independent, unbiased and professional residential and commercial building inspection services. The BrickKicker of West Central Ohio is a locally owned franchise operation that has carried on this tradition for the last 14 years.

Bitcoin is a decentralized, cryptocurrency that has been making business headlines more recently as a volatile, speculative investment with wild fluctuations in value as it becomes more commonplace. However, the widespread acceptance of Bitcoin will ultimately be for transactions of value between individuals and businesses.

“Bitcoin has no physical properties. It doesn’t fold or jingle in your pocket, and you can’t simply hand it to someone in exchange for something of similar value. Bitcoin resides in a digital ‘wallet’ until it’s needed for other goods and services from participating vendors, and then exchanged electronically,” Campbell said. “I don’t anticipate too many Bitcoin transactions in the short term from our customers, but I do expect the public awareness and potential for cryptocurrency acceptance to grow exponentially this year as the economy continues to roar ahead.”

Staff report