Russia students receive awards

RUSSIA — The Russia Junior High and High School awards program was held Tuesday, May 8.

The following awards were presented:

Ray Kroc (Mcdonald’s) Scholarship and Award: Luke Dahlinghaus, $100 scholarship and medallion.

Shelby County 4-H Program: Emily Bohman

The Rev. Joseph Wolfer Scholastic Athlete Award: Dion Puthoff

Top Student at UVCC Award: Olivia Quinter

Knights of Columbus – Excellence in Christian Living Award (plaques) and Nurturing NETWORK Mother’s Club Scholarship: Rebecca Pinchot and Zachary Bell, $100 check and certificate

Envirothon Award Team No. 1: fourth place Area IV, first place in Shelby County and a State Qualifier: Levi Lavy, Xavier Cordonnier, Rebecca Pinchot, Cole Simons and Noah Magoto

American Legion Buckeye Boys State: Gregory Goubeaux

American Legion Buckeye Girls State: Samantha Gaerke

Yearbook awards: Savannah Albers, Luke Dahlinghaus, Zachary Bell and Cameo Wilson

PenOhio 2018 State Qualifier: Lindsey Vastano and Olivia Vallandingham

Honda/Ohio State STEM Award: Cameo Wilson

Spelling Bee winner: Olivia Vallandingham; first runner-up: Jonas Magoto

Perfect attendance award: Seventh grade: Jenna York; Eighth grade: Braden Lochard. ninth grade: Jacob Goubeaux; High School: 10th: Sarah Pinchot; 11th: Gus Cordonnier; 12th: Brandon Koverman and Luke Dahlinghaus.

Braden Lochard has had perfect attendance now for three straight years, Jake Goubeaux – perfect for four years and Luke Dahlinghaus – perfect attendance in grades 8, 9, 11 & 12. He missed 55 minutes of school in 10th grade.

Honor roll awards

• Honor Roll all nine reporting periods (students that attend post-secondary for three years): Alexis Monnin and Grace Saunders;

• Honor Roll 11 reporting periods (students that attend post-secondary for two years): Peter Art and Matt Siefring;

• Honor roll 15 reporting periods (students that attend Russia School all four yrs): Xavier Cordonnier, Claudia Counts, Luke Dahlinghaus, Jack Dapore, Megan Frazier, Claudia Heitkamp, Lauren Monnin, Madeline Moorman, Rebecca Pinchot, Dion Puthoff, Olivia Quinter, Carter Stueve and Cameo Wilson.

Honor roll special mention

• 10 out of 11 reporting periods – Kylee Sherman

• 14 out of 15 grading periods – Emily Bohman, Levi Lavy and Danielle Luthman

• 4.0 GPA award for “first semester” (post-secondary students): Alexis Monnin, Grace Saunders and Matthew Siefring

4.0 GPA award for all 3 reporting periods this year:

• Seventh-grade: Eliza Gariety, Reese Goubeaux, Makena Hoying, Xavier Phlipot, Simone Puthoff and Zane Shappie

• Eighth-grade: Makenna Borchers, Ava Daniel, Sophie Francis and Emily Sunderland

• Ninth-grade: Jenna Monnin, Katelyn Monnin, Kendall Monnin, Kelsey Robinson, Becca Seger

• Tenth-grade: Jessica Colby, Kayla Coverstone, Natalie Klosterman, Andrea Monnin, Sarah Pinchot, Jason Siefring and Jessica York

• Eleventh-grade: Savannah Albers, Faith Apple, Raven Boerger, Shea Borchers, Augustine Cordonnier, Jenna Cordonnier, Emma Delaet, Anna Fiessinger, Kennedie Goubeaux, Kaylee Hiatt, Lee Magoto, Cristina Mendoza, Claire Meyer, Tyler Scott and Hannah Vallandingham

• Twelfth-grade: Xavier Cordonnier, Luke Dahlinghaus, Megan Frazier, Claudia Heitkamp, Levi Lavy, Maddie Moorman, Rebecca Pinchot, Whitney Pleiman, Dion Puthoff, Olivia Quinter, Kylee Sherman and Cameo Wilson.

Academic letters were presented to:

• Freshmen – (all first year): Austin Cordonnier, Kyleigh Gardner, Hanna Heitkamp, Braden Hiatt, Alyssa Magoto, Jenna Monnin, Katelyn Monnin, Kendall Monnin, Kelsey Robinson, Ashley Scott and Becca Seger

• Sophomore: (Lettered before): Clare Caldwell, Jessica Colby, Kayla Coverstone, Andrew DeLoye, Alana Gariety, Natalie Klosterman, Dawson Luthman, Andrea Monnin, Caleb Monnin, Olivia Moorman, Sarah Pinchot, Jason Siefring, Jessica York; 1st Yr: Alexus Booker, Alexis Fairchild, Abigail Grillot, Christian Stueve and Hayley Supinger

• Juniors: (Lettered before): Savannah Albers, Faith Apple, Raven Boerger, Shea Borchers, Augustine Cordonnier, Jenna Cordonnier, Madison Courter, Emma Delaet, Anna Fiessinger, Carter Francis, Samantha Gaerke, Gavin George, Gregory Goubeaux, Kennedie Goubeaux, Katie Heuing, Kaylee Hiatt, Daniel Kearns, Lee Magoto, Claire Meyer, Justin Seger, Henry Tumbusch, Hannah Vallandingham, Grace Voisard; 1st Yr: Evan Coverstone, Cristina Mendoza, Evan Monnier, Laurissa Poling, Kaleb Sowards, Morgan Wenrick and Jordan York

• Seniors: (Lettered before): Peter Art, Emily Bohman, Xavier Cordonnier, Claudia Counts, Luke Dahlinghaus, Jack Dapore, Thomasina Francis, Megan Frazier, Claudia Heitkamp, Levi Lavy, Danielle Luthman, Alexis Monnin, Lauren Monnin, Madeline Moorman, Rebecca Pinchot, Dion Puthoff, Olivia Quinter, Grace Saunders, Kylee Sherman, Matthew Siefring, Carter Stueve and Cameo Wilson

• First year: Whitney Pleiman

• Four-year Academic Achievement Award: – Peter Art, Xavier Cordonnier, Jack Dapore, Thomasina Francis, Alexis Monnin, Madeline Moorman, Dion Puthoff and Carter Stueve

• Four-year Academic Achievement Award and “Cumulative 4.0 GPA” Award: Claudia Counts

• Four-year Academic Achievement Award, “Cumulative 4.0 GPA” AND 4.0 Highest Honor Roll Award: Luke Dahlinghaus, Megan Frazier, Claudia Heitkamp, Becky Pinchot, Olivia Quinter, Grace Saunders, Matt Siefring and Cameo Wilson

Community Blood Center, blood donors (three or more times): Peter Art, Xavier Cordonnier, Tommie Francis, Megan Frazier, Claudia Heitkamp, Alexis Monnin, Lauren Monnin, Whitney Pleiman and Olivia Quinter

Local scholarships

Staff Scholarship, Emily Bohman

Student Council, Cameo Wilson

Pepsi-Cola Scholarship, $300, Peter Art

Russia Wellness Scholarship, $50 each, Jack Dapore and Zachary Bell

FTA Scholarship, $250, Cameo Wilson

FTA Scholarship, $250 and FTA 4 year award, Rebecca Pinchot

Top student awards

Spanish, Jenna Monnin and Andrea Monnin

Art, junior high, Cecelia Borchers, Reese Goubeaux and Jonas Magoto

Art, high school, Samantha Gaerke, Lauren Monnin, Dion Puthoff and Rebecca Pinchot

General music, Jenna York and Cecelia Borchers

Engineering, junior high, Eliza Gariety and Bailey Pohlman; high school, Lee Magoto

Science, junior high, Simone Puthoff and Ava Daniel

Science, high school, Austin Cordonnier, Jessica Colby, Augustine Cordonnier, Rebecca Pinchot, Luke Dahlinghaus and Hannah Vallandingham

Social studies, junior high, Kody Barhorst and Jordan Meyer

Social studies, high school, Jenna Monnin, Hannah Vallandingham, Andrea Monnin, Brandon Koverman and Shea Borchers

Family consumer science, Makena Hoying and Jessica York

Personal wellness, Becca Seger

Math, junior high, Zane Shappie and Makenna Borchers

Math, high school, Jenna Monnin, Andrew DeLoye, Dion Puthoff, Savannah Albers, Sarah Pinchot, Gregory Goubeaux and Augustine Cordonnier

Business/computers, junior high, Ava Daniel

Business/computers high school, Shea Borchers, Jenna Monnin and Claire Meyer

Junior high language arts, Makena Hoying, Kody Barhorst, Jonas Magoto and Jordan Meyer

English, Becca Seger, Natalie Klosterman, Hannah Vallandingham and Megan Frazier

Public Speaking, Cristina Mendoza