Sidney BOE accepts resignations

By Ethan Young - For the Sidney Daily News

SIDNEY — Resignations and contracts were approved during Monday night’s Sidney City Schools Board of Education meeting.

The board accepted resignations from Susan Pallone, intervention specialist teacheer, effective Aug. 1, 2019; Dawn Roberts, supplemental cheer coach, effective May 31; Linda Nuss , assistant cook, effective June 1; Bill Shoffner, Low Incident aide, effective April 26; Kevin Stapleton, SAS transition coordinator. effective Aug. 1; Leah Stagno, assistant cook, effective Sept. 1; Bob Reisinger, substitute bus driver, effective May 3; Beth Raterman, as BOE secretary, July 29; Chris Rickey, custodian effective May 20; and Ian Klingler, biology teacher, effective Sept. 1.

Greg Snyder was hired as Sidney High School assistant principal. He received a three-year contract for $85,341. His first day will be Aug. 1, 2019. He will also receive a $1,000 scheduling supplemental contract.

Administrator contracts were approved by the board. Those receiving new contracts were Dan Barnes, Sidney Middle School assistant principal, Fran Dembski, elementary principal, John Michalos. director of technology, Melissa Welch, school psychologist, and Ashley Wiley, school psychologist. All of the administrators received a three-year limited contract.

Certified (teachers) employees receiving one-year limited contracts were Michelle Abbott, Jamie Birkmeyer, Alex Blosser, Morgan Headings, Jeanine Holthaus, Trisha Schulze, Samantha Slover, Kelly Turner and Nick Watkins.

Certified employees receiving two-year limited contracts were Anna Balfour, Molly Hirtzinger, Erin Koesters, Kristen Morgan, Tori Purk, Carrie Sigler and Marissa Thompson.

Certified employees receiving three-year limited contracts were Chris Adams, Kerri Adkins, Danielle Bender, Allison Berning, Logan Bodenmiller, Chase Clark, Kyle Coleman, Krystal Cox, Shaun Dunlap, Tiffany Goffena, Frank Guillozet, Jill Hanke, Ken Kellner, Seth Meyer, Lauren Morrow, Emily Scheu, Justin Setliff, Alexis Taylor, Christian Taylor, Michael Ward, James Whitman, Megan Williams and Austin Young.

Certified employees receiving continuing contracts were Joni Dunham, Thomas Goffena, Nishious Golden, Larry Jurosic, Travis Weldy, and Sam Young.

The board also reported on temporary staff being re-employed. The substitute teachers include Dan Allen, Kristin Allen, Ruthie Baker, Mandi Bruns, Dianne Burns, Kelly Carter, Roxanner Chivington, Eugene Collier, Sara Conrad, Valerie Cook, Kim Cordonnier, Corum Cotterman, Frank Crea, Kelsey Deal, Sara Elliott, Nancy Franklin, Cathy Fridley, Anthony Frierott, Renee Geise, Cindy Gibson, Larry Griffis, Margaret Heitbrink, Debora Hickman, John Hosack, Ina Howard, Devin Huffman, Regina Hunsucker, Mary Jannides, Carolyn Jensvold, Thomas Johnston, Christina Keller, Victoria Kesler, David King, Bethany Kirkpatrick, Miranda Knight, Megan Lawson, Emily Lichtenberg, Marcus Mabelitini, Jim McCracken, Ronald Mescher, Ann Meyer, Julia Micall, Baylee Morgan, Matt O’Leary, Sharon Richards, Dale Schwartz, Melinda Settlage, Edward Sharp, Lisa Shroyer, Joe Spangler, Thomas Stevens, Jennifer Stradling, Michael VanBrocklin, Nancy Wagner and Carrie Watkins.

The home instruction tutors re-employed include Roxane Chivington and Cathy Fridley. The Opportunity School/SCOLA intervention specialists rehired include Morgan Headings and Allison Berning.

The Board also reported the contract actions of current classified employees.

Classified employees receiving a one-year limited contract were Kay Parker, cook, Chris Moore, custodian, and Tom Kohl, tech support.

Classified employees receiving a two-year limited contract were Nathan Christian, an aide, Christina Knott, aide, Amanda Lloyd, aide, Stacey New, aide, Wince Morris, Transition/Alternative School coordinator, Sarah Steenrod, aide, Pam Brunswick, bus driver, Marvin Hickman, bus driver, Melissa Kinnison, bus driver, Jim Piatt, bus driver, Brandy Allen, cook, Lori Dowden, cook, Chelsea Goble, cook, Kathy Lambert, cook, Jill Richards, cook, Becky Strunk, cook, Jael Wethington, cook, Mark Cathcart, custodian, Chris Rickey, custodian, and Mary Theis, van driver.

A change of assignment was noted for Dawn Ely from cook to cafeteria truck driver at at $18.44 an hour, to be made effective Aug. 1, 2019

The classified employees on one-year limited, as-needed contracts included substitute van drivers, Josh Billing, Patti Boshears, Megan Gray, John Scheu and Dolly Wilcox; substitute bus drivers, Josh Billing, Madge Brown and Anthony Gerstner; substitute cooks, Pam Brunswick, Leah Bynum, Pamela Bynum, Angela Carey, Carol DeNise, Bria Foy, Shannon Herbert, Joan Holliday and Doris McEvoy; substitute cafe truck driver, Leslie Smith; substitute aides, Cindy Akin, Danielle Albright, Robin Bartee, Ketaki Buddhadev, Michele Hammer, Shannon Herbert, Emily Lewis, Lorri Lively, Jennifer Nolen, Shannon O’Leary, Annette Schulze, Julie Slaybaugh and Marcella Zircher.

Classified employees on one-year limited, as-needed contracts also include substitute maintenance employees Mike Herbert and Aloysius Shaw; OBI instructor Ron Monroe; substitute secretaries, Robin Bartee, Jennifer Ivey, Christa Morris and Sherry Pirics; substitute custodians, Leah Bynum, Pamela Bynum, Angela Carey, Jamie Fridley, Michele Hammer, Mike Herbert, Lynda Higgins, Joan Holiday, Kenneth Lee, Dennis Martin, Glen Martin, Jason Martin, Terry Spradlin and Alan Straman. The latchkey aides include Kristen Brunswick, Bonnie Deck, Pamela Dixon, Miaya Foy, Damara Hicks, Joan Holiday, Alisha Holtzapple, Danielle Landrum, Hilary McKenzie, Alena Moton, Victoria Smedley, Marisa Strunk and Paige Wiktorowski.

New certified employees receiving a one-year limited contract were Dexter Tobie, SHS Spanish, $51,288, effective Aug. 26; Stephanie Crosby, as SMS IS, $53,276 effective Aug. 26; Brandyn Heitman, as SMS science, $42,939, effective Aug. 26; and Ruby-Tuesday Morrison, SMS ELA, $29,758, effective Aug. 26.

Alysha Kroeger was hired as a home instruction tutor. She will be paid $26 per hour and it was effective Feb. 26.

Classified employees receiving a one-year limited contract were Brian Marchal, maintenance, $24, effective May 20; Marcia Vordemark, assistant cook, $11.49 an hour, effective Aug. 28; and Kevin Stapleton, low incident aide, $20.88 an hour, effective Sept. 3.

A classified substitute receiving a one-year limited, as-needed contract was Madge Brown, bus driver, $17 an hour, April 15.

The board also awarded supplemental contracts. The summer programs employees receiving a one-year limited contract were Christian Taylor, summer school/SHS, $26 an hour; Nicole Colarusso, as summer school/SHS, $26 an hour; Ebenezer Blay, summer school/SHS, $26 an hour; Shauna Vordemark, summer school/SHS, $26 an hour; Josh Montgomery, summer school/SHS, $26; Kay Straman, third-grade boot camp, $26; and Judith Shepherd, as third-grade boot camp, $12.97.

Other supplemental contracts awarded were for seasonal workers to be employed on a temporary as-needed contract. Hired were Cari Allison, $13 an hour effective May 21 to Oct. 31;and Jerry Inman, $13 an hour effective May 21to Oct. 31, Riley Barnes and Jacob Teasley were both hired as student summer help at $9.50 an hour effective June 3 to Aug. 16.

By Ethan Young

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a summer intern for the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a summer intern for the Sidney Daily News.