Students learn about Shelby Co. legal system

Staff report

SIDNEY — On Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016, Hardin-Houston students in Mrs. Maier’s “You and the Law” class visited the Shelby County Courthouse, Sidney Municipal Court, and the Shelby County Jail.

Students were able to watch court proceedings in both common pleas court and municipal court as well as tour the juvenile court room. Students were also able to spend time with Tim Sell, the prosecuting attorney for Shelby County, Judge William Zimmerman, juvenile court judge, and Judge James Stevenson, common pleas court judge while downtown. All three gentlemen explained the responsibilities of their jobs, the role of the American justice system, as well as answered questions following the cases the students witnessed.

Students then traveled to the Historic Shelby County Jail and were given a tour by School Resource Officer Deputy Bill Booth. The tour of the old jail gave students a bit of historical perspective before they traveled to the current Shelby County Jail where current jail staff and Sheriff John Lenhart talked with students and gave them a comprehensive tour of the facility.

Mrs. Maier and her students were very grateful to all the elected officials and county employees who took time out of their busy schedules to explain the inner workings of Shelby County’s legal system.

Staff report