Coming together in the storm

By Makali Gibson - Sidney High School

For the class of 2020 our senior year could be compared to a storm.

Us seniors started out excited like every other senior class would. Although we all say we are ready for it to be over and the senioritis has kicked in, many of us want to make our last few months memorable.

After many months of sunshine filled days we got hit with a terrible storm that robbed us from doing many things together. We have anxiously waited for this year and then the coronavirus unexpectedly ruined everything.

However, as a class we have always come together and got through every storm we have ever been through. We have danced in the rain together and after this storm is over we will celebrate as an even stronger class.

I am grateful that we did get to come together and paint the rock as a class. After we painted it we were all happy and the group chat was filled with positivity. I know that as the Sidney High School Class of 2020 we will get through this storm together!

By Makali Gibson

Sidney High School