Hope still remains

By Hailey News - Sidney High School

I began this school year hopeful.

Hopeful that I would be successful in my last tennis season. Hopeful I would pick out the perfect dress for prom. Hopeful I wouldn’t fail calculus. Hopeful that that this last year, would be the best.

For many things, I was not let down. I cheered in Jacket Pack at the football games, I danced the night away at homecoming, I was able to sing the senior solo in Earth song, and I did not fail calculus.

As the year went on, I was trying to savor every last minute in this chapter in my life.

But soon everything stopped. Schools shut down, the musical was cancelled, Choir’s State Contest was cancelled, and even graduation and prom were being discussed to be postponed.

All my hope in an amazing senior year seemed to be lost.

But although I might not be able to walk down the halls of SHS as a senior, I still will always have an amazing community supporting me. They have hope that something good will come out of this, and it gave me hope in what the class of 2020 will become and how we will thrive from it.


By Hailey News

Sidney High School