Botkins student musicians rate in solo, ensemble contests

Staff report

BOTKINS — Members of the Botkins Local Schools band and choir recently participated at Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Events at Milton Union High School, where the following ratings were received:

Superior (I) : Class A: Sarah VanBrocklin, soprano solo. Class B: Jamie Carducci, Allison Hatfield and Danielle Schwartz, mezzo solos; and clarinet choir of Lindsey Okuley, Maddie Altherr, Chloe Richardson, Maggie Buettner and Hannah Ott. Class C: Alex Bajwa, tenor solo; Grant Greve, baritone solo; Lily Koenig, Emma McName and Chloe Richardson, alto solos; Lindsey Okuley, clarinet solo; percussion ensemble of Evan Aufderhaar, Ryan Brown, Deacon Cotrell, Nick Fischio, Grace McCafferty, Matthew Prout, Joe Shuga, Tyler Swank and Sarah VanBrocklin; saxophone trio of Bella Ewry, Olivia Lenhart and Joe Shuga; and trombone trio of Allison Hatfield, Nathan Ruppert and Andrew Monnin.

Excellent (II): Class A: Maddy Wagner, soprano solo. Class B: Olivia Ewry, mezzo solo; Danielle Schwartz, flute solo; SSA ensemble: Cassie Anderson, Sarah VanBrocklin, Maddy Wagner, Michelle Altstaetter, Emma McName, Crystal Altstaetter, Olivia Lenhart and Abby Wright; and SSA ensemble: Olivia Ewry, Jessica Haywood, Allison Hatfield, Lily Koenig, Bella Ewry, Danielle Schwartz, Jamie Carducci, Dani Schneider and Jenna Free. Class C: Jessica Haywood, alto solo; Anthony Opperman, bass solo; trumpet trio of Olivia Ewry, Nick Fischio and Matthew Prout; and TTB ensemble of Alex Bajwa, Emma McName, Chloe Richardson, Jamie Carducci, Anthony Opperman, Grant Greve, Kellan Eigenbrod, Andrew Opperman and Joe Shuga.

Good (III): Class C: Cassie Anderson, mezzo solo; and Kellan Eigenbrod and Andrew Opperman, bass solos.

Staff report