Botkins, Sidney, Lehman win third week of Academia competition

Staff report

SIDNEY — Week three of the Academia competition is now official.

At the Anna site on Oct. 12, Botkins High School placed first with 35 points. Anna High School finished in second place, just 2 points behind Botkins with 33 points. Russia scored 23 points.

At Fairlawn, the team from Sidney High School placed first with 61 points. Jackson Center was second with 27 points. Fairlawn finished with 13 points. There was one challenge at the meet with Fairlawn being awarded a point.

At the Lehman site, Lehman won with 41 points. Fort Loramie finished second with 27 points. Houston scored 16 points.

Both Sidney and Botkins have placed first in each of the three weeks of competition. Anna and Lehman have both finished first once and each have two second place finishes.

Russia has one first place finish, a second place finish and a third place finish. Jackson Center has placed second twice and third once. Houston and Fort Loramie have each placed second once and finished twice in third place. Fairlawn has finished in third place in each of the competitions.

Overall, Sidney is in first place with 189 points through the three meets. Botkins is in second place with 118 points. Anna is just a point being in third place with 117 points. Lehman has scored 110 points thus far.

Russia has 91 points; Fort Loramie, 80 points; Jackson Center, 73 points; Houston, 49 points; and Fairlawn, 38 points.

Moderators for the week were Brett Bickel, Marci Langenkamp and Jane Kaufman. Ron Nufio reviewed and edited the questions for the week.

Staff report