Vote ‘No’ on Sidney City Schools levy

To the editor:

I encourage you to Vote No for the Sidney City Schools Levy. My children have been blessed with amazing teachers and staff but very poor administration. The school board has turned simple tasks into politics and a popularity contests. The “improvements” from Bob Humble have been nothing but chaos. Traffic is an issue at every single school. School buildings are being used for storage. A lot of money was dumped into Whittier, turning a 50 year old building into a preschool. Not on the hope that it would keep students in the district, but due to an argument with Shelby Hills. On top of everything else having a teacher bulling a student. Then the outright denying it happened. Bullying was well know last year and brought up but the levy was more important at the time. There is no accountability and throwing money at the problem will not fix it. This administration needed to show some type of progress is being made and it has failed time and time again. Changes need to be made starting at the top.

Major Redmon