Reader endorses Tim Ryan for Senate

To the editor:

I endorse Tim Ryan and oppose J.D.Vance for U.S. Senator for several reasons:

1. Tim has the legislative experience to be in the Senate.

2. Tim has a wealth of stands on issues where he can be independent of his party to vote on the issue at hand, e.g a tax cut.

3. Tim stands for reform on legislative issues without being extremist, e.g. reform of laws or behavior in application that may be “Jim Crowish” without paintbrushing all enforcers, e.g. not defunding police.

4. Voting for more IRS agents so that people like me can get through to get a telephone call answered or a tax refund from 2020 instead of letters requesting more time to my letters.

5. Tim has substance behind him, not just words.

Edwin F. Gearhart