King will fight for her constituents

To the editor:

Early voting has begun, so it is important to reach out to our neighboring communities with information on the candidates so that we can make informed decisions as to who we want to represent us in Ohio. Do they share our beliefs and core values? Are they prone to compromise? Do they understand the needs of the people they represent?

Now more than ever, we want people in office who will defend our Constitutional and God given rights. Someone who is bold and uncompromising and will fight for their constituents. I happen to know such a person. Her name is Angie King from Celina, and she is running to be our State Representative in the upcoming Nov. 8 election.

Angie is endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life, Right to Life Action Coalition, Ohio Value Voters, NRA, Ohio Farm Bureau & NFIB. She is a small business owner involved in real estate investments and has already impacted policy at the state & federal level. She secured a $750,000 federal line item for the City of Celina’s water treatment facility.

I know personally that she is a woman of integrity who will make choices that are best for the people of our state.

Voting is not only our right, but a privilege. If you cannot go to the poles on Tuesday, November 8th know that early voting has already begun or you can request a mail- in- ballot and let your vote count. I cannot recommend Angie highly enough!

Linda Hanna