Coincidental Valentine’s Day gift


SIDNEY — June Laughlin, 91, who was born and raised in Sidney, got an early Valentine’s Day gift from an Aldi’s bag of potatoes last week.

Laughlin was planning to make a quick baked potato for herself when she dumped the bag of potatoes she had just bought from the local Aldi’s grocery store and found a pleasant surprise in the form of a heart-shaped potato. She thought the find was a lucky coincidence having found it so close to Valentine’s Day and because she had grown up helping her father and her five siblings harvest potatoes on their farm.

“If I had found it in October, it wouldn’t have been such a fun coincidence,” said Laughlin.

She thought the heart-shaped potato, which she believes is just two potatoes that had been planted too close and had grown together, was such a cute coincidence that she shared it with everyone in her life.

She recounted a time she showed the potato to a young girl who, according to Laughlin, said, “can I get a bag of those at Aldi’s too?”

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