Vet’s office competes


MINSTER — Minster Veterinary Service recently came in second among 12 Miami Valley veterinary offices in the Merial Dayton Trivia Challenge at the Funny Bone Dayton at The Greene.

Team members were office manager Tareese Nedderman, veterinary technician Rebekah Barber and veterinary assistant Angela Back.

The event was sponsored by Merial, a manufacturer of flea- and heartworm-preventive medications. The contest comprised questions based on fleas, ticks, heartworms and intestinal parasites, as well as Merial’s products.

The team name was Hunter’s Hunters, a play on Dr. Paul Hunter’s name, so the costume of choice was camouflage. The team was hunting fleas, ticks, heartworms and other pests with the help of Merial’s products.

The trivia challenge had four rounds, each about a different parasite. After the fourth round, Hunter’s Hunters were tied for first place and went into a tie breaker round. They lost to last year’s winning team.

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