TROY — UVMC broke ground Sept. 28 on a multi-phase emergency department (ED) expansion and renovation project.

The project, expected to take up to 18 months, will include 26,300 square feet of new construction and 16,800 square feet of renovation for a total of 43,100 square feet. The new construction will occur first, followed by a move into the new space and renovations to the existing ED.

The emergency department will remain open during the entire project. The walk-in patient entrance will remain virtually in the same location, and the ambulance entrance will shift to the east. The helipad will be relocated to the east beyond the expansion.

The number of emergency treatment rooms, currently 28, will be increased to 36 with the ability to flex up to 38 treatment beds, which includes seven specialty care treatment beds for trauma and behavior health.

The expanded ED will include medical imaging services encompassing a CT unit and X-Ray unit to provide faster turnaround. Also, renovation of medical imaging space adjacent to the ED will include the addition of a second MRI unit.

A second project component will include an additional corridor for access by ancillary services, staff and easier patient/family movement from the ED to other areas of the hospital.

Staff report

This article was submitted by Upper Valley Medical Center.