SCBDD upgrades energy provision


TIPP CITY — The Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities expects to save more than $15,000 annually after making energy efficient improvements to its lighting and HVAC systems in partnership with Energy Optimizers, USA, of Tipp City.

Over the course of 12 months, Energy Optimizers, USA retrofitted the interior lighting in the organization’s north and south buildings with high-efficiency LEDs. The project also included energy-efficient upgrades to the building controls system. The lighting comes with a 10-year material warranty and is expected to net the organization a nearly $9,000 rebate from Dayton Power & Light.

“Every dollar we receive is best used in service to our community,” said Travis Mayabb, SCBDD facilities manager. “These improvements are going to result in a better environment for our staff and clients and more resources to invest in our programs and services.”

The lighting enhancements alone will deliver an immediate savings to the organization. LED lighting uses an average of 60 percent less energy than the systems it replaces. The lighting also lasts five times longer, which will save on long-term maintenance and replacement costs.

The board’s staff and clients will also benefit from more comfortable offices and public spaces. LED lighting offers a quality of light that is very close to natural sunlight, which creates better-lit and more relaxed environments. In addition, LEDs do not have the hum and flicker associated with fluorescent lighting. The enhanced building controls will provide greater stability and tighter control over building temperatures.

“Through these smart and cost-effective improvements, the Shelby County Board of DD will benefit from a quick payback that will continue to add up over time,” said Greg Smith, president of Energy Optimizers, USA. “The long-term savings will benefit all of the organization’s stakeholders, from local taxpayers to the residents it serves every day.”

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