Airstream forms customer council to drive the brand forward


JACKSON CENTER – Airstream, Inc., maker of the iconic “silver bullet” fleet of Airstream travel trailers and best-in-class touring coaches, announced the start to the company’s new program designed to give customers a larger role in the future of the brand.

The Airstream Customer Council recently was launched as a way to formally connect Airstream customers to the company’s leadership team. Included in the group are members from all across the country. The group has full-timers, part-timers and weekend Airstreamers.

In total, there are 10 members with travel trailers and two members with touring coaches. The group includes veterans, business executives, engineers, a former educator and a former chef. The members range from 39 years old to 70 years old.

The 12-member group meets periodically and provides regular guidance in three crucial areas: product quality, dealership experience and service experience.

“Airstream is blessed to have a customer base that not only is passionate and engaged in the Airstream lifestyle but also willing to provide ready feedback to the company to drive both product improvements and improvements in the overall customer experience,” Bob Wheeler, Airstream president and CEO, said. “The Airstream Customer Counsel is a modern and efficient way to allow our owners to have a voice in driving improvement at Airstream.”

The 12-member group consists of owners with a variety of backgrounds and Airstream models. Members were selected after an application and interview process from a pool of 850 candidates.

“Improving the Airstream experience is our focus for the ACC,” Justin Humphreys, Airstream chief operating officer, said. “With this group of Airstream owners, we’re able to drill into key moments of their Airstream journey and build actionable recommendations based on their feedback. We’re already exploring ways to incorporate the ACC’s recommendations into the work we do every day.”

In the fall, the ACC shifts its focus to the service experience. With nearly 70 percent of all Airstreams ever built still on the road today, the service side of Airstream ownership is a critical area to study.

In the winter, ACC members will explore challenges and opportunities related to product quality.

For the final meeting in the 2020 second quarter, members will be invited to Jackson Center for a full-day workshop and immersion at the new manufacturing facility, culminating with a capstone project.

For more information about the Airstream Customer Council and to meet the members, visit

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