Frye has the experience, compassion for the job


To the editor:

Jim Frye is the person I will be voting for Sheriff of Shelby County on March 17th. Chief Deputy Frye has the experience that is required for the job, but also has the compassion that is needed when someone has lost a loved one in a vehicle accident or has been the victim of a crime. I have seen numerous letters to the editor and Facebook posts that attest to Jim’s experience and compassion.

Experience of operating a jail is a major requirement for being Shelby County Sheriff, as the Shelby County Jail houses Federal prisoners, out of County inmates and our own Shelby County inmates. Chief Deputy Frye has that experience and also has been involved in cultivating those relationships with Federal Marshalls and Sheriffs of other Ohio Counties that provides the opportunity for the Shelby County Jail to rent extra jail bed space.

Chief Deputy Frye has the day to day knowledge and experience of operating the jail. Jim Frye has thirty plus years of Law Enforcement, including probation officer work, local village police Chief, and serving as Lt. Detective. Jim Frye has the compassion for Shelby County residents who have had tragedy affect them and their families. Vote Performance over Promises on March 17th. Vote Jim Frye for Shelby County Sheriff.

Tony Bornhorst

Fort Loramie

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