Vote for Frye


To the editor:

Citizens of Shelby County, during my lifetime I have never seen a local election for Sheriff so angry. When I say angry, let me state that my opinion is, that on one side I see a bunch of mudslinging and desperation, and on the other side I see someone who his running a clean campaign on merit alone, without all of the negativity.

What I want as my Sheriff, is someone who talks about the safety of the citizens, talks about how they will protect us, the issues we face as a society and how they will contend with and reduce the crime rate in our communities, not someone who is slamming the other for a “Red Flag” issue.

Jordan first stated he was for the Red Flag law and once he saw the heat Frye was taking, he changed his stance and is now against the measures. Do you want someone as Sheriff who stands firm on his beliefs or someone who flips to just get elected? I read Frye’s comments on the Red Flag Law and he said that he is for identifying those people who should not have a gun and that if those people pose a risk to the safety of our citizens, then the proper Court could order their guns removed temporarily, not that he is going to take guns of law abiding citizens. I think we can all agree, there are some people who should not have a gun and I would be more concerned with a Sheriff who isn’t for a law that would be looking out for our safety.

I’m a gun owner and I’m not concerned at all with a law like that, I support the 2nd amendment and the US Constitution. I know Frye is also a 2nd amendment supporter along with the US Constitution. We also have to remember that a Sheriff is not a legislator, they enforce the laws of their respective states, they don’t write them.

I don’t want to hear all the crap that’s being slung, I want to know who I vote for as our Sheriff has our safety and security as their number one concern and has a proven track record. I will be voting for Frye, someone who has 38 years of experience, who’s been dedicated to the citizens of Shelby County fulltime for his lifetime.

Brooks Wallace

Jackson Center

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