Company creates sneeze guards to battle COVID-19


ANNA — A “sneeze” has created a new product for Diversified Product Solutions (DPS), which opened in January 2020 in Anna. DPS, comprised of President and CEO Troy Kies, and COO Kyle Doak, creates several products.

“The purpose of DPS is to provide quality American made CNC (Computer Numerical Control) products. We have the capabilities to provide precisely manufactured products on a consistent basis. Our products, ranging from wood, plastics and composite materials adhere to strict standards,” said Doak.

The company creates the plywood seat bottoms and seat backs for wheelchairs as well as the new addition of sneeze guards.

DPS was started in 2017 by Troy Kies.

“After 30 years in the business sector, Troy saw a need for high quality CNC products and started the company with a C.R. Onsrud 145-M12 CNC Router,” said Doak.

As the company started to expand and start supplying orders nationwide, Doak joined the company.

The recent stay-at-home orders from Gov. Mike DeWine brought focus on the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the nation. That is when Kies and Doak began production of the clear partitions they call sneeze guards.

“We first decided to manufacture sneeze guards once we realized that the need for partitions would last much longer than the stay at home order. We feel that clear partitions will be the first line of defense in protecting employees and customers from illness. We look forward to working with many local businesses, as the shelter in place order phases out,” said Doak.

DPS continues to make wheelchair parts and sneeze guards. The company is located at 12999 C.R. 25A.

Kyle Doak removes a recently cut piece of plastic. Doak removes a recently cut piece of plastic. Photo courtesy of Doak Photography

Troy Kies and Kyle Doak inspect a recently cut Sneeze Guard. Kies and Kyle Doak inspect a recently cut Sneeze Guard. Photo courtesy of Doak Photography

By Paula Frew

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor the Sidney Daily News.

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