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125 Years

October 8, 1895

An alarm from Box 26 at the corner of Jefferson street and Main avenue about 8o’clock last night called the fire department to the sawmill of Thomas Fitch at the northeast intersection of Ohio and Main avenues. The fire had a fair start, but was extinguished before too much damage was done.


Nearly every well in Lockington is reported dry, and unless some heavy rain falls soon a water famine will result. Should a fire break out in the community it would be helpless for there is not a well in town that would stand half-hour’s pumping.

100 Years

October 8, 1920

A meeting of the Sidney Athletic club will be held in the assembly room of the court house this evening for the purpose of organizing and electing officers and transacting other business. The association is to be organized for the purpose of promoting a series of boxing bouts and other sporting events in the city.


J. Guy O’Donnel, of Covington, Democratic candidate for State Senator, spoke to an enthusiastic audience in the assembly room last evening.


John S. Sams, of Urbana, who recently purchased the Dr. Hunt property at the corner of Court street and Franklin avenue, has moved to this city and will make his future home here.

75 Years

October 8, 1945

Teachers in the Sidney Public schools were made to feel stronger than ever the tremendous responsibility and important influence they have over the lives of the children they teach, when Dr. Galen Starr Ross, president of Capital University, spoke here last night. Dr. Ross addressed the teachers, members of the board of education and their guests in the high school auditorium.


One man was seriously injured and another had a narrow escape this morning when a plank on which they were standing while working on the East Court street bridge collapsed. Harry Buckel, R.R. 2, Sidney, dropped 25 feet to the river’s edge. Lawrence Hawes, Sidney, managed to grab a steel I-Beam and prevented himself from falling and was pulled to safety by other workmen.

50 Years

October 8, 1970

MINSTER – Pfc. Jerome R. Frilling, 20, son of Raymond and Agnes Mertz Frilling of R.R. 6, Sidney, was killed in action in Vietnam Wednesday, September 30. He was serving with the 198th Infantry in the Chu Lae Province.


Appointment of Mrs. Dorothea Shadoan as record facilities clerk for the Sidney division Traffic department of United Telephone Company of Ohio has been announced by William Gardner, division manager.

A native of Sidney and a graduate of Sidney High school, Mrs. Shadoan joined the utility as an operator in November of last year.

25 Years

October 8, 1995

MAPLEWOOD – A program on adult education highlighted a recent meeting of Maplewood Grange. Fran Holthaus of the Upper Valley Joint Vocational School was the guest speaker. She explained that the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) was conceived during and after World War II. Educations were interrupted and people wanted to complete them.


The Shelby County Sheriff’s Department has learned from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office that it will receive a $20,000 grant for victims of crime for 1996.

The sheriff’s office established a crime victims unit in 1986 and applied for grant monies in the spring of 1987. Since then the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department has been one of only two sheriff’s departments in Ohio with such a unit.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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