Out of the past


125 years ago

November 24, 1895

The county commissioners have decided to build a new laundry at the county Infirmary. The olden wooden structure is considered unsafe.


The standpipe for the city was cleaned. Three wagon loads of debris were taken from the standpipe. Interestingly, a two pound carp was found in there with the debris. It is assumed he entered the standpipe when water was pumped from the river to fight a fire in the city.


The Elks will have a grand Thanksgiving dinner. Over two hundred pounds of venison will be served- in all styles.

100 years ago

November 24, 1920

Undoubtedly the greatest concert ever seen in Sidney was conducted at the high school auditorium last evening. The Cincinnati Orchestra performed with over 90 pieces. The stage had to be extended over the orchestra pit and four rows in the seating section. The renowned and world famous Belgian, Eugen Ysage was the master musician. The crowd was standing room only. The orchestra left immediately after the performance for Detroit, Michigan.


Fire Chief George Hume issued a warning in light of the large number of fires started with coal oil. People have been using coal oil to start a fire in the furnace. It is a dangerous practice. He warned all citizens to cease using coal oil.


The masonic Lodge members met last night and learned the funds borrowed to purchase the old Julia Lamb homestead have been paid off. Plans will now be drawn up to build a new lodge.

75 years ago

November 24, 1945

The report of the Shelby County Agricultural Society about the fair this year is in. although the expenditures were $11,000 more than any previous year, the board ended the season with a balance of only $292.96. The weather was not conducive to large crowds. The report was given by treasurer Kenneth McDowell.


The Gold Star Mothers’ Club met last week to elect officers. Mrs. Kenneth Ferguson was elected president. Other officers included Mrs. A.C. Neer as first vice president, Mrs. Raymond Apple as secretary and Mrs. Ivan Apple as treasurer.

50 years ago

November 24, 1970

The final United Fund report is in. the United Fund campaign raised a total of $124,348. This figure was 91% of the goal of $135,520. The amount raised was $1,500 less than last year.


Tow of Sidney’s finest bowlers faced off in a real maple-mangling duel in the Holiday Classic Trio League. Howard Livermore rolled a magnificent 243-925. Not far behind him was Paul Johnson. He scored a 258-922. Johnson’s team No. 4 pulled out a win over Livermore’s Holiday Pro Shop team.

25 years ago

November 24, 1995

Larry G. Gold of Sidney has been named president of Alcoa Building Products. Gold, who has been with Alcoa since 1967, replaces Dana Snyder. The latter resigned to become president of Ply-Gem Industries of Chicago. ABP is a division of Stolle Corporation, which is in turn wholly owned by Alcoa. ABP produces vinyl, steel and aluminum siding and gutters.


The future of the Dial-A-Ride program in Sidney has been questioned. When the city council reviewed the budget for next year, it was noted the city subsidize the program to the tune of about $60,000 a year. Federal grants make up the rest of the $257,000 yearly budget for Dial-A-Ride. Councilman Merrill Asher feels the program should be privately operated.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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