Out of the past


125 years ago

November 26, 1895

The vicious wind last night played havoc in both Anna and Botkins last night. In Anna, while a C.H. & D northbound train was on the siding, the wind blew the top off a rail car. It hit the side of the depot, breaking windows and tearing down telegraph lines. A few minutes later the wind blew another top a rail car. South in Botkins, the wind tore down the west of the Philip Sheets warehouse, damaging wires.


The ladies of the Presbyterian Church will serve another one of their wonderful dinners in the dining are. It will take place after the Thanksgiving service.

100 years ago

November 26, 1920

The Sidney Athletic Association had its first boxing exhibition of the season. It was held at the Armory and ended in an unsatisfactory manner. Hope Mullen of Sidney was fighting Johnny Newton of Cleveland. Mullen had Newton pretty well finished at the end of the third round when the referee called a foul on Mullen and gave the fight to Newton. It seems Hope was still pounding Newton after the bell rung to end the round.


The members of the Ladies Aid Society of the M.E, Church in Sidney met and presented a gift to the Rev. and Mrs. A.E. Monger. They are leaving the church to go to South Bend, Indiana. The gift was a solver candleabra.

75 years ago

November 26, 1945

Members of the Sidney City Council attended to two important tasks. They will see to the erection of a garbage disposal incinerator. Also, council will see to the installation of a water softening system at the water plant.


A special meeting of the American Legion membership has been called for this week. The question of the renovation of the former Dr. Beebe residence on Ohio Avenue will be on the table. The Legion purchased the property for its new home.

50 years ago

November 26, 1970

The members of the Sidney Lions Club stepped up to help the Childrens Home residents. 20 acres of potatoes need to be dug. The students could not help as they were out in Washington Township picking apples. The members of the Lions Club included Bob Sargeant, Robert Jameson, James Boyd, Tom Brubaker, George Douglas, Mark McCalla and his daughter Christy, Glen Thompson, and Dale Schulz along with sons Jim and Jerry.


The 62 acre farm owned by Shelby County did not sell after all. One lone bid was submitted for the farm. The Commissioners decided not to accept the bid. The firm will be sold later at a public auction. The farm was located in Perry Township.

25 years ago

November 26, 1995

Tony Fraij, the standout runner form Sidney, continues to bring praise and honor to his home town. He was named his college’s athlete of the week after leading his team, Rochester Institute of Technology, to a 4th place in the NCAA national championships. Fraij finished 7th in the nation, which earned him All-American honors. This was the third year in a row he has earned All-American status.


It was a bad fire and a near tragedy in the Houston area. The family of William Skeens was home when a fire broke out in the house at 9:30 a.m. Mrs. Skeens was just able to get their 6 week old baby, Caleb, out alive. His crib was actually on fire. Mr. Skeens was injured trying to fight the fire before the fire department arrived.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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