Fuel station determined OK use in I-2 district

SIDNEY —The Sidney Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) determined a fueling station at the intersection of Campbell Road and Vandemark Road is an appropriate use in the I-2, general industrial district, during Tuesday’s teleconference meeting.

At the top of the meeting, Ken Jensen, ZBA’s newest board member was introduced. Also, because board Chair Tom Ehler was absent Tuesday, board member Mary Paulus was elected by other members to preside over the meeting.

The only item on Tuesday’s agenda was the request of Brad Puryear, on behalf of Mansfield Oil Company & Flyers Energy, for an interpretation of the zoning code, to determined if a contract/fleet fueling station, not open to the general public, is an appropriate use in the I-2, general industrial district.

A fuel station for contract/fleet fueling has been in use as such for many years at the intersection of Campbell Road and Vandemark Road, but as an incidental and accessory use to a parts supplier/warehouse for commercial vehicles, Community Development Director Barbara Dulworth said. Due to a recent sale, the fuel dispensing station is no longer associated with the permitted warehouse and parts supply use.

In reviewing the current and intended use of a contract/fleet fueling station, Dulworth said city staff found the use is primarily for commercial vehicles, such as semitrailers, buses, and other large vehicles and equipment used by industry and businesses.

The location of a fuel station open to the general public would not be appropriate in the I-2, general industrial district, she noted. A fuel station which is primarily for manufacturers and trucking/transportation businesses located in the I-2 district is convenient, and reduces the potential conflict between large commercial vehicles and cars at a retail public fueling station. The use is similar to an existing principally permitted use for trucking or motor freight terminal, which often includes fuel dispensing pumps for the trucks.

Prior to the board’s vote to determine the use is appropriate, Puryear thanked the board for considering his request and Dulworth for her help in putting it together.

Station is only for commercial vehicles

By Sheryl Roadcap

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