Francis Schulze appreciates its customers


RUSSIA — 2020 – the year of perfect vision quickly became quite blurry with the onset of the pandemic in March. Like all businesses, Francis Schulze Company was faced with many challenges. Our team of employees faced these challenges, opened doors to new opportunities and created a winning formula which helped grow the business in 2020.

Located in Russia, Ohio, Francis Schulze Company specializes in the wholesale distribution of building materials to lumber dealers, retail home centers and entry door specialists throughout the Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky markets.

“The appreciation of our customer base is greatly valued by Francis Schulze Company,” said Ken Francis, president. “2020 created many new opportunities for building projects, DIY home improvements and new reasons to update your personal property. Residential and commercial property owners, professional contractors and our loyal dealer network took advantage of these opportunities. We say ‘Thank You’ to all of these customers for your continued business support.”

His report continues:

Francis Schulze Company is privileged to partner with manufactures of the finest building products available in the building material industry. Top quality brand names such as Masonite Entry Door Systems, OPPAC Pre-finishing, Schlage & Yale Hardware, Superior Aluminum Products (in Russia, OH), Safe-Way Garage Doors, HB&G Columns, Gerkin Storm Doors, Mastic Shutters and American Stairways. The success of Francis Schulze Company is not possible without the professional support of its business partners throughout the country.

Francis Schulze Company welcomes those searching for new entry door systems to their showroom. Featuring over 75 entry door styles and showcasing multiple design trend levels, the entry door showroom is a must see when searching for that perfect fit for your home. This state-of-the-art design center invites consumers to visit the showroom by appointment (email [email protected]) and leave with digital documents to share with our dealer network.

The company is looking forward to 2021 as another opportunistic year in the building industry. Continued promising low interest rates, encouraging building permits, residential housing forecast and multi-family construction data point toward a favorable outlook for 2021. Francis Schulze Company is poised to take advantage of these continued growth opportunities.

Anticipated challenges to the company in 2021 will continue. The inventory supply chain and increasing lead times have created interesting production schedules. The rising cost of lumber and other raw materials potentially could slow the surging home building industry. We see these challenges as an opportunity to strengthen our team building principles by working together to resolve these encounters.

Francis Schulze Company would like to thank all of its employees for their longtime commitment. The company’s greatest asset is its employees. They are all truly dedicated and strive to meet the highest detailed quality with the desire to maintain extreme levels of efficiency. Company success is dependent upon all of our employees and they are all very much appreciated.

The company promise to quality products, manufacturing excellence and superior customer service while sustaining cost effective principles has made Francis Schulze Company the wholesale distributor of choice for over 60 years. For more information about our company and detailed data about our product lines visit our website at

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