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125 years

April 1, 1896

We the undersigned citizens of the suburb of Sidney lying on the east side of the Miami River and northeast from Sidney, north of the Mosquito Creek bridge, desire that it may be known by some name, and that it may be called Riverside, and be known by that name. We wish the papers of the county to publish the name. (This petition was signed by 19 property owners.)

The water in the canal was let out again yesterday afternoon, the repairs at the aqueduct were not satisfactory.

100 years

April 1, 1921

The firm of Fogt and Fleckenstein, coal dealers, today moved their coal office from the corner of Ohio Avenue and North Street to their property just north of the Big Four railroad on the west side of Ohio Avenue. The Standard Oil Co. recently purchase the property, located at the corner, and expects to begin erection of their new filling station.

A debate between the Busy Buzzers debating society and the Anna society will be held Friday evening at Anna. The subject: Resolved – All nations should disarm and settle all international disputes by arbitration. John Wintringham and L.F. Warbington will have the affirmative, with Fred Elsass and Mr. Grilliot presenting the negative.

75 years

April 1, 1946

Leo J. McFarland was named president of the Sidney Rotary Club during the organization meeting held yesterday, William H. Rhees was elected vice president; H.H. Waller, secretary-treasurer, and Reuben Aschenbach, sergeant-at-arms. Serving also on the board of directors are: Frank Fields, C.M. Fogt, William Milligan and Robert Kaser.

The formation of a new company in Sidney was announced today when Frederick Korn and Huitt Lawhead began the operation of the K and L Potato Chip Co. Temporary headquarters have been established at 726 Lynn Street.

50 years

April 1, 1971

A seven-year veteran of the city police department, Jack L. Wilson, is the apparent winner of the vacant police chief’s job here. Wilson, who is just 30 years old is highly regarded within the department, joined the police department on Sept. 1, 1963.


ANNA – A lot of big guys like Stan Crosley prefer to sit on the sidelines and let the rest of the sports parade pass by. But not Stan. The 6-5 Rocket hoopster established himself as the pacemaker for the Rockets’ outstanding season and was selected by his teammates as their Most Valuable Player.

25 years

April 1, 1996

JORDAN, Mont. (AP) – As the Freemen standoff with federal agents moved into a second week, sympathizers of the militant anti-government group were rallying support – from a distance. The Freemen deny the legitimacy of the government and have set up their own laws and their own courts. The compound has been surrounded by more than 100 FBI agents since March 25. Authorities won’t say how many people are still at the farm, but 14 of them are believed to be wanted on various state and federal charges.


NEW YORK (AP) – Starting today, consumers across the nation could be charged with an extra fee to use an automated teller machine outside of their bank’s own system. “This is an April Fool’s joke to the consumer,” said Rep. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., “only it’s not a trick because it’s not going to go away.”


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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